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Foley High School Alumni

Foley High School Alumni Association

Mission Statement:

To ensure the success of Foley's students by encouraging youth, supporting teachers, funding scholarships, and promoting educational advancements.


R enew  O ur   A lumni R esources



     The time has come to restore the ROAR of the Foley High School Alumni Association originally formed in 1990-91, the year the High School moved to its Pride Drive location. During the first three years of its existence, these goals were accomplished: 1000 alumni and friends joined the PRIDE, numerous scholarships were awarded to outstanding Foley High School graduates, 84 Alumni Oaks were planted to beautify the new campus, and the bricks of Pride Plaza provided funding for a new track on campus. The Foley High School Alumni Association definitely had a ROARing start!

     Although the ROAR has been silent for a few years, alumni and friends of Foley High School have the opportunity to renew our association to its previous status by :


1. Awarding scholarships to Foley High School graduates.

2. Encouraging students to become college graduates by providing transportation to

    college visits and grants to pay ACT/SAT fees.

3. Continuing to fund physical improvements to beautify the school campus.

4. Promoting extracurricular activities that may not receive funding from other


5. Supporting the 9th Grade Girls Pride Project which encourages good choices.

6. Recognizing alumni who have achieved notoriety in their respective fields and

    inviting them to serve as mentors and speakers.

7. Providing current information to classes that are planning reunions.

8. Supporting the students, faculty, and staff of Foley High School through the

    promotion of concerts, sporting events, plays, talent shows, etc.

9. Maintaining the legacy of the Foley High School system through the preservation of

    its historic buildings.

10. Establishing continuity through the support of the entire Foley High School feeder



     To accomplish these goals, we need both financial and human resources. One lion’s ROAR can barely be heard in the jungle, but a PRIDE of 1000 lions can affect a school, a city, a county, a state, and a nation! Please print and complete the attached membership form. Return it with your check for $25 to The Foley High School Alumni and Friends Association, 1 Pride Drive, Foley, Alabama 36535.   You are welcome to attend our meetings. Our next meeting will be Sunday, April 15 at 4:00 p. m. in the Foley High School Library. Come join the PRIDE and let your ROAR be heard!  




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